Our mission

We endeavour to deliver value in the form of enhanced productivity, increased sustainability and improved safety provided through our ever-growing range of advanced torque solutions.

Our vision

By 2022 we strive to be the leading provider of Smart & Integrated torque solutions in the automotive aftermarket. The BMS Torque Solutions brand will be known globally in the sector for operation excellence and innovation.

Our 80-20 philosophy

Whatever manual torque solution you are looking for BMS already has it 80% complete. We just need to listen to what your specific needs and wants are so we can develop the last 20%. Resulting in a custom solution specific to your organization


Our story

Located at the westernmost point of Europe, BMS Ireland has been forging a path in the torque industry for the past 40 years. From its inception as a local family run business in the small village of Ballyneety, BMS has grown into one of the most well regarded torque technology companies in industry. BMS strives to get the best of the best, something that is made possible due to its proximity to the University of Limerick and Limerick Institute of Technology whose science and engineering faculties are renowned the world over.

Delivering highly technical and customised solutions to a large range of different industries such as automotive, aircraft MRO, general assembly and vehicle maintenance has given BMS the knowledge and expertise to excel in its field. In pioneering new technology in torque tools such as OLED displays, Zigbee communications, angular measurement and RFID, it has paved the way for progression in digital torque tools, something that is still being achieved to this day.

As is testified by its many partners located around the world, BMS’ mantra of “torque it right first time, every time” is its primary objective in providing a valuable service to its customers. BMS’ range of digital torque wrenches, screwdrivers, testers and calibration rigs ensure that every customers’ assembly and regulatory requirements are met, with various types of communications such as Bluetooth and Zigbee together with Windows and iOS platform software adding significant value to the end product.

BMS advocate for continual betterment of one’s professional competence and that is reflected in the frequent opportunities to upskill offered to its employees. In order to constantly improve its product offering, BMS requires its employees to be forward thinking and innovative, something that is encouraged and facilitated on a daily basis.